Below are some thumbnails of the cozy mystery series that have been impacted by the recent merging of publishing companies and the subsequent culling of the cozy mystery offerings.   Take your time to explore the linked authors’ sites and then poke around our site to learn more.  When you are ready – go here to sign up!


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  1. I’m really sad to see this. Though I haven’t read any of these authors, I’m a strong supporter of the cozy genre. Does anyone know if the authors will continue writing and publishing their respective series in at least through KPD? Though I don’t know how publishing works exactly, I’m assuming they can get the rights to their works back at some point to do so independently.


  2. I have read Eva Gates’ first book in the Lighthouse Library series and enjoyed it. I have purchased the next two. It is sad that Eva can’t continue the series with another publisher. It must be infuriating to be an author and have to deal with this rubbish.


  3. I want to do the readathon. I have read all the series listed above, and others. I am so mad that they are dropping these, they are all so good! I am a big cozy fan! Let me know how to be part of the readathon! Thanks. Laura


    • Hi, thanks for joining. I added you to the list wth your facebook as your “online home” During the readathon there will be activities/challenges every hour to get people posting about cozies online. You can find them here on the website OR if you are a member of the Save Our Cozies group on facebook they will be posted there OR on Twitter OR on Goodreads at the Save OUr Cozies Readathon Goodreads group. The challenges may be as simple as tell us or send us a picture of your TBR list/pile for the readathon or harder puzzle/riddle type challengs. You participate as much or as little as you like. Glad to have you with us!


  4. I am an avid reader of cozy mysteries! Many series that I love have been affected by the merger of various companies. I would truly love is the Fairy Tale Fatal Mysteries by Maia Chance and the Kate Haywood Elizabethan Mysteries by Amanda Carmack would be saved. Both series have brought me so much joy!


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