Hour 11 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

How Much of a Cozy Fan Are You?

vintage-910414_640  I am ready to be blown away by how many series you have read books in!  Go here to take the List Challenge.  Simply click on the picture of each book that represents a series that you have read books in.  You do not need to have finished the series, just read at least one book.  Then post your results on social media or let List challenge post them for you by clicking on the icons for Facebook, Twitter, etc.

You can come back here and comment to let me know you are done if you like!



  1. The greatest part of that challenge was trying to remember which series I’d read and going to Amazon to read synopsis’ and then adding a bunch of books to my cart. LOL! It was less of “what have I read?” and more, “what ELSE can I read?” Added ALL the Fairy Tale Fatal series to my TBR. Love this readathon and the fun challenges sprinkled in every hour!


  2. I had 8 out of 36, 22%, 17 of 38 (top 45%). Of those 8 I have read every book in the series up to date except 3. Of those three I have read at least two or three books in the series. I have a Pinterest account called Tempting Covers I Haven’t Time To Read..there were a couple of books on the list that should be pinned. Hey, maybe I will live long enough to get to them which is why I do the pinning. Kimchi7177, KSchmo7177, Karen-Leigh (so many names I can forget who I am.)


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