Hour 14 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

This hour’s activity is about hobbies/interests.  Post some of your interests or hobbies. Then, on another person’s post suggest a cozy mystery series based upon their interests/hobbies.  Give a suggestion to at least two different participants. You can comment here when you are finished.

My example: French food, formal gardens, reading, retro fashion

People might suggest:  Anthony Eglin’s English Garden Mystery series; Charly Poisson Culinary Mystery Series, or the Crime of Fashion Series

Go ahead and get started, maybe you’ll find a new favorite!




  1. I only have one hobby and that is reading and collecting books. I love dogs and cats. I love icing. I love Pinterest and collecting photos of libraries. I collect books based on bookstores, book cafes, baking, cupcakes, dog mysteries, cat mysteries.


    • There are a ton of mystery series out there that involve cooking it really just depends on what you’re looking for. There is the donut shop Mystery by Jessica Beck, there is The Cheese Shop Mystery by Avery Aames comma there of course is the Joanne fluke mystery series comma there is the cookbook Nook mystery series by Daryl wood Gerber comma there is the series by Livia Washburn, there’s the cupcake mystery series by Jenn mckinlay comma and like hundreds more I mean there’s the deathly grind which is the first book in a vintage kitchen mystery series, there’s also allergic to death. Is there a specific kind that you’re looking for?


  2. My comments seem to only show up occasionally. I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

    Anyways, I absolutely love books, writing, travel, tea, food (particularly Asian and Latin), baking, comic books, and video games.

    I also adore dogs, but I’m not sure how I feel about pet-themed cozies.


  3. I knit, crochet, read, eat, have 5 cats, and listen to Old time Radio via Radio Classics on satellite radio!

    I would recommend the Books by the Bay mysteries by Ellery Adams for the readers. For those who love food, The Silver Bullet Diner mysteries by Christine Wenger are top notch! Cat book favorites are by Sofie Kelly, Sofie Ryan and of course, the Sneaky Pie Brown by Rita Mae Brown — the earlier, less preachy books! LOL!


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