Hour 16 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon


Crossover/Dream Team

TV script writer’s have created  episodes in which characters from one setting “cross over” into another show’s world.  Examples include St. Elsewhere had an episode in which they went to Cheers bar.  Homocide: Life on the Streets had an episode that combined with Law and Order.  Sabrina the Teenage  Witch hung out with the characters from Boy Meets World.  Absolutely Fabulous visited Roseanne’s house in one episode.  Scooby Doo had tons of crossovers in its TV run.

Your task is to think of two of cozy worlds that you would like to see meet up.  It might be that you think the sleuths would work well together or just be humorous.  Tell me your choice and briefly why.

My Crossover:  Miss Marple and Agatha Raisin.  People underestimate Miss Marple because she is more subtle, while Agatha charges full steam ahead and is more brash. I think they’d be a good team. What do you think?




  1. My dream team of sleuths would be Agatha Raisin and Hamish Macbeth both by M.C. Beaton. They are complete opposites and one book where they meet and solve a crime would be hysterical !!!! I hope before she stops writing that she will combine them for one great finale !
    My other dream team is Agatha Christie and Meg Corey from the Orchard Mysteries. They are complete opposites to but similar in how they solve mysteries.


  2. Fun choices! I would like to have a crossover with Cleo Coyle’s Clare Cosi and Paige Shelton’s Betts from the Country Cooking School mysteries. They are two of my favorite cozy characters, and, while Clare has coffee, Betts has food, and ghosts. They’re so different, but I think they would get along really well. I’d love to see Clare meet up with Betts in Broken Rope.


  3. Jane Wheel (Jane Wheel Mysteries by Sharon Fiffer) is an antiques picker. Brooklyn Wainwright (Bibliophile Mysteries) specializes in book restoration. I think that they could take over Antique Road Show and make a mint with their own store. And solve a murder or two along the way.


  4. detective from Marcia Muller’s series with Kilsey Millhouse from Sue Grafton’s ABC mysteries

    Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs with Dorothy Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane

    Jacqueline Winspear’s Maisie Dobbs with Rhys Bowen’s Lady Geirgianna

    Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot with Monk

    Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew with Susan Elia MacNeal’s Maggie

    Susan MacNeal’s Maggie Hope with JW’s Maisie Dobbs


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