Hour 18 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Blog Hop Encore


We have one blog hop behind us, that was for Reader’s blogs, this time we are visiting our cozy mystery author blogs.  The blogs below are from authors who either donated to the readathon or have series that are cancelled or in some cases both!

So visit  and comment (if there is a place to do so) on at least 3 cozy author blogs and see all the cool cozy mystery stuff there is on these blogs, author bios, recipes, character discussions, interviews, and of course books!  When  you are done post what you did either on your social media or here  as a comment or both.  Have fun!



  1. Went to vicki delany’s site and followed a link to like her facebook page. Visited Krista Davis’ page and watched a Murder Most Howl video. Visited Christine Wenger’s website to sign up for her mailing list….but it’s under construction. Went to Sophie Kelly’s site, and saved the recipe for Owen’s Stinky Crackers. I know my kitties (and dogs) will love them! Will visit more on reading breaks.

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  2. I visited several new to me author’s sites as well as some sites I am more familiar with. I didn’t see any where to comment on but one or two I visited but if they had a newsletter or subscribe request I filled out my info. Here are a few I visited Erika Chase, Lucy Burdette, Terrie Farley Moran, Denise Swanson, Krista Davis, Sofie Kelly, Traci Weber, Leslie Budewitz, Victoria Hamilton, and Molly MacRae.

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  3. I signed up for a few newsletters (3 or 4), some I just didn’t know where to sign up or comment. I love the recipe pages that I’ve seen. I’m going to have to keep this list and go back for more. Visited T C LoTempio, Vicki Delaney, Wicked Cozy Authors, liked Lucy Burdette on Facebook, and signed up at Connie DeMarco.

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  4. I visited 5 or 6 of the blogs/websites. The Threadville mystery site was great in giving me more background. Thanks Janet!
    Wicked Cozy Authors was great/. Lots of up to date information and I am definitely goingto add some of these to my TBR list!
    Edith Maxwell had peaked my interest earlier today and her website has me putting some of her books on m TBR list.
    Okay I also ‘revisited’ some sites that I am familiar with because I follow the authors-Daryl Woods Garber, Lucy Burdette, Laura diSilviero, Vicki Delany aka Eva Gates to name a few.
    I have to say that it bothers me when a web page is not up to date. I often search for a particular book or author and want to get my information ‘from the source’ not Amazon.
    I am having a blast with the readathon but have to admit that I haven’t read much today!


  5. Visited the first 4. Watched Carol’s Caught Dead Handed Trailer. Commented on Nancy’s blog. Visited Janet’s page, and went to her Twitter and liked/retweeted. Commented on T.C. LoTempio’s blog post. Saved this post to my Pinterest so I can finish visiting everyone else soon. 🙂


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