Hour 20 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Classics You Probably Don’t Know



For this challenge, you will travel back in time.  The Dept. of English at McDaniel College has begun an effort to save pre-1891 detective stories (pre-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) that otherwise might be lost to mystery fans for all time.  They are compiling a directory of them called The Westminster Detective Library in which you can find  and read these stories for free.  Most of them are very short because they were originally published in newspapers.  Pick one and read it and then post something about it on social media.  There are buttons on the site to post directly on Facebook, Twitter, etc. or you can create your own post and link it or refer people to The Westminster Detective Library.  These stories are the pre-cursors to the cozies we love today.  Go HERE to pick a story.  Make sure you post about it and include #saveourcozies #readathon.

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    • Sorry that you got that message, but I have Norton and other virus protection and have not had any issues with the site. It is an educational site based at a university and I have been off and on it for weeks. Not reallys sure what the issue would be. The only think I can think would be that the redirection from the university’s main page to the library raises a red flag with your server.


  1. I read The Purloined Letter by Edgar A. Poe because it is so famous and yet in my 60 years of reading I have never read it so could not pass up the chance. I absolutely adored that he called the library – the book closet. That will stick in my mind. I, of course, knew the bones of the story already but the detail was fascinating. Only caveat was the last lines were in French which I could not read and so missed the full flavour.


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