Hour 23 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon


Culinary cozies are one of the most abundant themes.  So, in this challenge (that I gave a hint was coming) is to post about a recipe(s)  from a cozy mystery or one of the cozy author websites.  If you have pictures, that is great but not necessary!  Remember to post #saveourcozies #readathon.

You can come back and comment here when you are done, if you like.



  1. Lucy Burdette had a recipe for chocolate pie in one of her Key West series books about Haley Snow the food critic. It was Haley’s go to dessert when she had people over for dinner parties. . I baked it that very night. Ran right to the store for everything I needed. Invited a friend over and we devoured it. Then I made another for her to take home. It was so simple, few ingredients but delicious, like eating melted chocolate with a hint of a cake taste. Very good ! The best part is how easy it was to make in a pie plate and how delicious the house smells while it cooks, then the taste is to die for.

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  2. I am not a baker or a cook so I don’t try recipes but I confess that Joanne Fluke’s Hannah Swenson books were full to bursting with recipes that I wanted to try because they were so clearly written that I had the feeling that even I could make them. If I were not on a diet I would have tried a few. So I can’t remember any of them. But the variety of cookies and things was astonishing and the icing descriptions were to die for.


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