Hour 24 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Review it!


We’ve been at it for a while now, we’re coming down to the end.  The clock is ticking.  Your final challenge is to go to Amazon OR Goodreads OR LibraryThing OR Barnes and Noble and post a review for a cozy mystery.  I am listing these specific sites because it is my understanding that reviews on those sites help our authors.  So, give some stars, they are free,  and write at least a brief review.  When you are done either allow the review site to post for you on social media or post what you reviewed and where.  You can come back here and tell me in the comments if you like…but I’ll be watching social media….



  1. I posted a review today when I finished Die Buying by Laura Disilverio. I posted it to Goodreads and my blog and posted a link on Twitter. 🙂 Almost done with Do or Diner. I will write that review as soon as I finish. 🙂


  2. I don’t cross post to social media sites but here is my review for Bury the Hatchet which I read today for the readathon .
    I posted it to Amazon today and will follow through with Goodreads.

    Berry They Hatchet is the 2nd installment in the Cranberry Cove series by Peg Cochran. Berry The Hatchet does stand alone although I highly recommend you read the first in the series. The first in series is excellent and a highly recommend read.
    Peg Cochran has written a “definitive cozy mystery series” with her Cranberry Cove series. The protagonist is smart, independent and a great sleuth. The characters are done to perfection and each adds depth to the story. The mystery is multi-layered and kept this reader guessing until the end. I enjoy how the writing flows to a enjoyable crescendo . The author kept this seasoned mystery reader guessing until the end. The fantastic recipes that are in each book are delightful. Ms. Cochran has included a variety of recipes in this series that please each reader.
    The development of the Cranberry Farm is interesting and fun to read about. I adore the small town, the friendships and the small businesses that make up this small town. Its a place you want immediately to visit. This is a perfect cozy series with all the right elements to delight each reader. I look forward to my next visit to Cranberry Cove. A 5 star read.


  3. I have in the last three days read 3 of Hope Callaghan’s cruise cozy mysteries and left many reviews and stars on amazon and goodreads and I am still reading her books all weekend so there will be more stars and reviews I love her books.


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