Hour 3 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Gives us a taste…nutria-1386451_640

of what you are reading right now!  Post a teaser sentence with either name of the cozy or author on social media of your choice.  Remember #saveourcozies #readathon.  (If you are on Twitter be sure to tweet it at me @saveourcozies)

You can come here to comment when you are done if you like.




  1. Just posted this on FB…First few sentences of Snipped in the Bud… I jammed both feet on the brake and brought my old yellow convertible to a screeching halt mere inches from the groin of the dragon. Okay, not a dragon in the fairy tale sense of the word. This dragon was the flesh-and-blood human variety– one Z Archibald Puffer, a former Jag officer turned law professor who was often referred to as Puffer the Dragon. #saveourcozies #readathon


  2. Posted on FB: “Yeah,” she agreed as she finally turned onto the highway. “And I’m getting tired of posting bail” Murder Ties the Knot by Christy Fifield. Hour three challenge for ‪#‎saveourcozies‬ ‪#‎readathon‬.


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