Closing Post..


Just a few final things and a link to the winners and prizes:

Thank you to all who made this event occur:  the authors, Shelley Toler Franz, Bree Herron, Ronnie Cozy Cat, Ian Hughes, the booktubers and bloggers who advertised the event, and of course, the donors.

The list of donors, prizes, winners and the winners’ social media accounts for contact are attached.  I will also email it out to the donors.  Most of the donors will contact you directly for mailing info if needed.   I have a few  donations here that I will be mailing out, so I will contact those people for their mailing addresses.

A final note to donors – I will honor getting overseas winners their prizes.  If you have an overseas winner, please contact me here: to make arrangements.  It was important to me that the event was inclusive world wide.

Thanks again, it was great fun and I hope that we did some good with all the activity on social media!  prizes

Donor Gift Winner
Anna Lee  Cozy & Bookmarks Alice M.T.
 Cozy & Bookmarks Rose
 Cozy & Bookmarks Lisa T
 Cozy & Bookmarks Missy D
 Cozy & Bookmarks Lisa Lindsay
 Cozy & Bookmarks Debbie
Anna Loan Wilsey Choice of A March to Remember OR A Deceptive Homecoming Christie
Anon & Joan Silvestro Tote bag with used cozies Elizabeth
Tote bag with used cozies Troi
Barbara Early/Beverly Allen Floral Depravity Erika
Brian Kavanaugh Entire set of 6 Belinda Lawrence Novels on Kindle Diana
C. Michele Dorsay No Virgin Island Hardback Lauren D.
Carol J. Perry Tails you lose Mallori D
Tails you lose Patrizia
Cate Price a Doll House to die for Betty
Cheryl Hollon Signed copies of the the first 3 Webb’s glass shop books Allysa W.
Connie Di Marco/Archer Choice of a Soup Lover Mystery or Zodiac Mystery Ronnie
Daryl Wood Gerber Choice of any one of the first four Cookbook Nook series books Juli Wyant
DE Ireland/Meg Mims Move Your Blooming Corpse Disis19
Denise Swanson audio book of Between a book and Hardplace Jerri
audio book of Murder of an open book Mari Hinton
Diane Vallere ebook or print Crushed Velvet Sarah H
ebook or print Crushed Velvet Dawn
Edith Maxwell Murder most fowl Angela
Farmed and Dangerous Kristi
Ellen Byron Plantation Shudders cynthia
Bag of swag carla
Erika Chase Signed copy of Law and Author Luann
Eva Gates Reading up a storm plus bookmarks Doward
Janet Bolin Choice of Threadville Mystery Tina
Jenny Kales ebook of on the chopping block Becky
ebook of on the chopping block Rachel
ebook of on the chopping block karen
Julie Seedorf ebook of the Penderghast Puzzle Protectors Kristi T
audio book of The Penderghast Puzzle Protectors Akoss
Kathleen Bridge Hearse and Garden (no int’l) Marlene E
Hearse and Garden (no int’l) Nell
Krista Davis Diva Serves High Tea Stephanie
Murder Most Howl Morticia
Laura DiSilverio Signed copies of book 1 & 2 in The Readaholics series Bree H.
Leslie Budewitz choice of Assault and Pepper or Guilty as Cinnamon OliverBear
Lisa Q Mathews ebook choice of Permanently Booked or Cardiac Arrest Lynn J
ebook choice of Permanently Booked or Cardiac Arrest Britney
ebook choice of Permanently Booked or Cardiac Arrest Jackie G
bookmarks and pens Ruth
Maggie Toussaint Bubba done it Kindle Lynn
Bubba done it Kindle Abby
Bubba done it Kindle Mayor Sonni
Maria Durst $25 gift card Kobo, Amazon or B&N Amy F
Marla Cooper Choice of hardback or ebook of Terror in Taffeta Mia M
Marty Wingate Audio book of The Redbook of Primrose House Nancy
Mary Ellen Hughes Licensed to Dill Tammy
Molly MacRae Wool and Testament April
Wool and Testament Stellans
Nancy Herriman 1 set of No Comfort for the lost & No Pity for the Dead Catherine
No Comfort for the Lost Anna Catharina
Nancy J. Cohen Print copy of Shear Murder Kristin
ebook of permed to death Cheryl
ebook of permed to death Kizzie
Nancy Lynn Jarvis A Neighborly Killing Kimberley
Sandra Bretting Murder at Morningside Vickie D
Sofie Kelly/Sofie Ryan Faux Paw Kelly M
A Whisker of Trouble Shelley
A Whisker of trouble Terri
A Whisker of Trouble Sue Ann
Susan Van Kirk Three May Keep a Secret Jeanne S
Susannah Hardy/Sadie Hartwell Yarned and Dangerous Amanda B
Feta Attraction & Olive and Let Die Brooke B
TC LoTempio Claws for  Alarm & Meow if its murder Terri
Terrie Farley Moran Set of all 3 Read ’em and Eat books Brian
Mousepad Midge
Tina Chapman Written Off Ian H
The Question of the Unfamiliar Husband Nola Patricia
Tracy Weber Choice of Books from Downward Dog Grace K
mug and bookmarks C. Lee
Victoria Hamilton No Mallets Intended Amy C
White Colander Crime Becky


  1. Congrats, everyone! Well done in the participation in the Cozy Readathon. It’s been a Blast🚀 Maybe we could make it a yearly thing?😉 A special thanks to The Angry Grey Cat👏 for hosting this, you did awesome.
    Happy Reading📚


  2. Thank you all so much! It was a wonderful day of reading, doing challenges and making new cozy friends. I had an amazing time and would love to do it again. Thank you to all the prize donors! I’m tickled to have won something.


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