Closing Post…part 2


A couple items to clean up before the stats are all posted.  I had one winner contact me immediately when results were posted and let me know that she had entered on more than one social media account and the names were slightly different.  She ended up winning on all three of her accounts (randomizer must have loved her 🙂 ) and wanted to return two prizes for other participants.

The second was my error, Joyce Tremel had generously donated a signed copy of To Brew or Not to Brew and I posted about her donation, but then didn’t add it to the list.  Thank you Joyce for bringing it to my attention and still offering the book.

The randomizer was run for a second time for these 3 prizes and here are the results:  revised prizes

Lisa Q Mathews ebook choice of Permanently Booked or Cardiac Arrest Maya M
Joyce Tremel To Brew or Not to Brew Mary W
Maggie Toussaint Bubba done it Kindle John

Thanks again.  I will contact the authors with the revisions.  Stats coming soon, if you didn’t let me know a page count…mine is an embarassing 0…there is still time to do so to be added in the stats.



  1. My page count is a little embarrassing too. I read 10 pages, but I’m going to continue to read my cozy during Booktubeathon. I was a little confused about the winners list. There was an Elizabeth who won a prize, but I didn’t know if that was me or not. Am I the only Elizabeth who participated? If it’s me, I am super excited to get a prize. Thanks so much! If it’s not me, then congrats to the other Elizabeth, Thanks for a fun event!


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