Some Interesting Data…


Wrap up information

Number of participants officially  signed up:276

Number of people who signed up actively participating online:  162

Reported number of pages read:  18,520

Number of challenges: 24

Most active hour: Hour 14

Most active Challenge:  Hobbies and Interest

Least active hour: Hour 7

Least active Challenge:  Jigsaw Puzzle

Number of users of  The Improved Save Our Cozies Readathon List Challenge:  129  Average Score 27%

Number of plays on the Cozy Mystery Trivia Game:  500  Average Score 24%

Number of plays on the Author-Protagonist Match game:  32  Average Score 47%

Number of series the readathon supported:  36

Number of Donors:  46

Social Media Platforms:  Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, WordPress, Instagram, Youtube

Thank you Ronnie Cozy Cat for helping to compile this information!









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