Donated Prizes



This page will be updated as more prizes are donated.  Each hourly event will have a winner and if we have enough prizes there will be other categories to win in as well (most pages read, most books listened to, most activities participated in, etc.), I will contact them for mailing information or kindle or audible info.  I will then pass on the info to the donor or if I physically have the donations I will mail them on.  Overseas winners are eligible for physical books – I will cover the difference between domestic and overseas mail.  I am not sure if overseas people can receive Kindle or Audio Book prizes because I don’t know the logistics of that.  If someone does know, please contact me and let know.




  1. Hi Fran,
    Unfortunately Amazon UK does not support Kindle ‘Gifting’ and Gift Certs can only be used in the country of purchase.
    I’m not sure on audio downloads. I have won one in the past and had to go via instead of…it’s tricky, but can be done!
    I think it depends on whether you have an Audible account (which I do).
    Hope that this is of some help. 🙂


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