What is a cozy?

A sub-genre of mystery or crime fiction in which the violence is downplayed or happens “off screen”.  The books tend to focus on non-professional crime solvers and contain little or no sex or foul language.  For a complete definition visit the excellent  Cozy-Mystery.com at http://www.cozy-mystery.com/Definition-of-a-Cozy-Mystery.html


What is an online cozy readathon?

An online readathon is an online 24 hour event that brings together a community of readers and authors to participate in all things cozy.  This includes reading, posting frequently on social media, visiting author’s websites, posting reviews, visiting book blogger’s websites, and/or participating in fun challenges/activities.  The amount and type of participation is up to the individual.

How do I participate?

The Cozy fans can participate through any or all of the following:

  1. Sign up to participate on this Wordpress website  using your online social media home – be it Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Goodreads, etc.  and your role, author, reader, cheerleader, admin. (you are not limited to using just one social media account, I just want a main one where I can find you).
  2. The starting time of the readathon will be  midnight on  July 15th EST or 12:01 AM on July 16th as the time zone calculator is set up. Everyone will start at the same time.  Use the time zone page to determine when to start for you time zone.  This is so everyone will be at the same point at the same time.   Participants can join in for any amount of time from 1 hour to all 24.
  3. Every hour there will be an activity of the hour that you can choose to participate in.
  4. When not reading or participating in activities, you can visit participating author’s and/or book blogger’s websites.  The lists of participants will appear on the signup page as people join.
  5. Respond to other participants’ posts on social media to encourage them.
  6. Check in with the Save Our Cozies Readathon web page and/or Facebook group.
  7. Post your reading progress/ activity on your social media of choice, if hashtags are applicable use #saveourcozies #readathon
  8. Post cozy reviews on your medium of choice. I believe authors’  prefer Amazon and/or Goodreads
  9. Donating prizes for challenges/activities – (can be as simple as bookmarks)
  10. Work admin duties – I hope for us to have a presence on several social media platforms, we already have a Facebook group thanks to Shelly Toler Franz. I will open a WordPress  webpage for handling all sign up and linking needed for the readathon.  I will link the web page to a Twitter account.  I can also form a Goodreads group. I don’t personally use Tumblr, Booklikes, Librarything,  or many others, so if someone uses those platforms I’d appreciate it if they would volunteer to admin there.  There will be closing down duties as well.  Books or pages read by everyone and participants will need to be tallied.  Thank yous will need to go out, etc.

Authors can participate by:

  1. See 1 – 9 above (Authors are fans, too. Right?)
  2. Posting on his or her own webpage.
  3. Hosting challenges or activities.
  4. Setting up interviews with book bloggers to be posted during the challenge
  5. Setting up a Q&A session on Twitter during the readathon. (usually this is done by collecting questions from readers over the couple weeks leading up to the readathon and then tweeting them with answers during the event.)



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