Hour 21 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon


This time it is a Vloghop.

Please go to one of the supporting booktubers channels, watch a video and then leave a comment and then post about it on social media.  Remember to use #saveourcozies #readathon where appropriate.  You can come back here to comment if you like.


Hour 20 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Classics You Probably Don’t Know



For this challenge, you will travel back in time.  The Dept. of English at McDaniel College has begun an effort to save pre-1891 detective stories (pre-Sir Arthur Conan Doyle) that otherwise might be lost to mystery fans for all time.  They are compiling a directory of them called The Westminster Detective Library in which you can find  and read these stories for free.  Most of them are very short because they were originally published in newspapers.  Pick one and read it and then post something about it on social media.  There are buttons on the site to post directly on Facebook, Twitter, etc. or you can create your own post and link it or refer people to The Westminster Detective Library.  These stories are the pre-cursors to the cozies we love today.  Go HERE to pick a story.  Make sure you post about it and include #saveourcozies #readathon.

You can also comment on this post, if you choose.


Hour 19 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon


Pick three other participants and cheer them on!  They can be on Facebook, Twitter or Goodreads.

Choose 3 fellow participants and post a cheer to them.  Some participants will be on Goodreads, some on Facebook, some on Twitter, etc.    It can be as simple as Way to Go! in a reply to a post.  Have fun with it!  Remember #saveourcozies #readathon.

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Hour 18 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Blog Hop Encore


We have one blog hop behind us, that was for Reader’s blogs, this time we are visiting our cozy mystery author blogs.  The blogs below are from authors who either donated to the readathon or have series that are cancelled or in some cases both!

So visit  and comment (if there is a place to do so) on at least 3 cozy author blogs and see all the cool cozy mystery stuff there is on these blogs, author bios, recipes, character discussions, interviews, and of course books!  When  you are done post what you did either on your social media or here  as a comment or both.  Have fun!

Hour 17 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

notebook-308849_960_720  We have all put ourselves in our favorite sleuths shoes from time to time.  So, now for this challenge, you will discover which cozy mystery sleuth you really are.  Go here to take a quiz.  Then, either use the posting buttons on the quiz to post your results or post them yourself on your social media of choice.  You can comment here, if you like.  If you post it yourself, remember to add #saveourcozies #readathon!

Hour 16 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon


Crossover/Dream Team

TV script writer’s have created  episodes in which characters from one setting “cross over” into another show’s world.  Examples include St. Elsewhere had an episode in which they went to Cheers bar.  Homocide: Life on the Streets had an episode that combined with Law and Order.  Sabrina the Teenage  Witch hung out with the characters from Boy Meets World.  Absolutely Fabulous visited Roseanne’s house in one episode.  Scooby Doo had tons of crossovers in its TV run.

Your task is to think of two of cozy worlds that you would like to see meet up.  It might be that you think the sleuths would work well together or just be humorous.  Tell me your choice and briefly why.

My Crossover:  Miss Marple and Agatha Raisin.  People underestimate Miss Marple because she is more subtle, while Agatha charges full steam ahead and is more brash. I think they’d be a good team. What do you think?


Hour 15 Challenge #saveourcozies #readathon

Very Punny!

shakespeare-67698__180          Many of our cozy mystery series have very punny titles, think about Iced to Death, The Cakes of Monte Cristo, Knot the Usual Suspects, or Murder Most Fowl.  Your challenge is to create a punny title for each the following imaginary cozies based on the clues and then post on social media.  You can come back here and comment when you are done.  Don’t forget #saveourcozies #readathon

  Here’s my example:  

 Clue set:  Protagonist owns a small town family ice rink.  Cause of Death Zamboni                                          My title:   Crushed Ice

Are your ready?

  • Clue Set 1:  Theme is running (protagonist is an avid runner)  Victim dies in marathon, at first it looked like a heart attack but it turned out to be murder.
  • Clue Set 2:  Protagonist works in a Natural History Museum with life size diorama displays.  A body is found in one of them.
  • Clue Set 3: Protagonist is a leathersmith with a small shop selling handcrafted leather goods.  Cause of death:  Strangulation with leather belt